Coffee is no longer just a drink,
it’s a lifestyle

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VKUS coffee master

VKUS is the philosophy of coffee cultivation.

Today, coffee is no longer just a drink. It’s a lifestyle.

The European coffee tradition has evolved over 150 years. Coffee masters from Switzerland, Italy and Germany have created unique VKUS blends. We buy the grain from the oldest Swiss supplier, roast it slowly and control all stages of production in accordance with European standards.

Natural taste

We never use chemical additives to add flavor and taste to coffee. VKUS coffee Master is the result of the selection of coffee fruits and their different blends


Our roasting is ideal for creating classic and dairy drinks, as well as for working with alternative brewing methods.


We only buy certified green cereals in large quantities and only from approved plantations around the world - Colombia, Brazil, Central America, Uganda, Ethiopia


Our production is equipped with proven and reliable equipment - Joper and Probat, air conditioning and humidification systems for proper storage

After a good cup of tea,
your soul will have summer

Russian Philosophy

The raw materials used to create the tea compositions come from the best plantations in the world

Broken tea leaves are used to offer the best price and maintain the quality of the product. In Europe, tea is carefully tested and controlled, only after strict procedures does the finished product reach store shelves to delight customers with its price and quality.

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